The National Milk Drug Residue Database is a voluntary industry reporting program. Mandatory reporting is required by State regulatory agencies under the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS). Data are reported on the extent of the national testing activities, the analytical methods used, the kind and extent of the animal drug residues identified, and the amount of contaminated milk, including whether it was disposed of properly for non-human use. The system includes all milk, Grade A and non-Grade A, commonly known as manufacturing grade. Data reported to the National Milk Drug Residue Database are for educational and analytical purposes and are not intended or suitable for regulatory follow-up.

2015 NCIMS Hall of Fame

At the 35th National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments our own Al Place was presented the Hall of Fame Award.

NCIMS Third Party Database Presentations

2019 Presentation 2017 Presentation
2015 Presentation 2013 Presentation

Through the Years

1992 NCIMS Document from Archives Appendix N appears on page 6, and the other problems referenced are 311 on page 8 and 313 on page 10.

2003 Documents The memo and instructions were updated in 2003. The test kits and some of the specific wording has changed over the years. This project led to many other Industry and Regulatory partnerships to keep our food supply safe.

Thank You Dennis Tidwell

The GLH, Inc. President announced that effective July 1, 2019, Mr Paul M. Hoge, will be taking over as Technical Director of the NMDRD. He is replacing Mr. Dennis W. Tidwell who is retiring after nearly 16 years, having joined the program in September 2003 as Technical Director. Mr. Tidwell will remain in a backup position and provide support to the NMDRD as needed as the Assistant Technical Director. Any questions or issues should now be directed to Mr. Hoge at the email and/or phone listed below. Please give Mr. Hoge the same excellent support you provided Mr Tidwell and join us in wishing Dennis well in full retirement.

Link to photo of Dennis Tidwell with plaque.