Final Reports

All data for a Fiscal Year must be entered and approved by Dec first of the following Fiscal Year to allow completion of the Annual Report by Dec 15th!

Complete reports are available in the Adobe Portable Document Format as PDF files.
The tables contained in the reports are available in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet XLS files or Open Document Format Spreadsheet ODS files. Spreadsheet files prior to 2011 do not include footnotes. Please refer to the complete report.

December 15, 2021 GLH Inc. issued the FY 2021 Annual Report.

GLH, Inc. issued the Revised Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018 on June 4th, 2019, following the Food and Drug Administration review of the number of positive tetracycline tests during the Pilot Project revealed an error in reporting by a state regulatory agency. As a result, the FY 2018 Revision documents a reduction in the number of positive tetracycline tests by one (1) and an increase in the number of positive beta lactam tests by one (1) when compared to the previously issued FY 2018 NMDRD Annual Report of December 14, 2018. Additionally, the number of samples reported to the database for FY2018 also increased by 267 samples. This change resulted from one regulatory data reporter submitting data to the database after the cut-off date.

After receiving additional and revised data from two regulatory data reporters as well as authorization from FDA, an updated FY 2013 Annual Report has been prepared and posted here. The FY 2013 Annual Report dated May 2, 2014, is an enhanced version of the original report.

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Web Based Data Reporting

Over the years GLH has provided several data collection/submission applications.  As of March 2015 all previously supplied data collection tools are obsolete and should not be used.  All data providers should use the web application unless other arrangements are made with the Data Base Administrator, such as email.